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In construction, planning is just as important – if not more so – than the building process itself. Preconstruction is crucial to the success of a project. At Lakehead Constructors, Inc., our staff consists of highly trained professionals who are experts in their subjects. Our preconstruction services are the best in the business, with detailed budgeting, advice on materials and systems, constructability reviews, preliminary schedules, labor curves, and innovative solutions to problems that might present roadblocks to other, less-experienced contractors.

We’ll listen and adapt to your needs at every step of the preconstruction phase, working with you to identify your unique project or client goals before we ever break ground on a site. One of the most common questions we receive during this process is the proposed budget – another issue we’ll resolve during preconstruction. We’ll come up with your ideal maintenance schedule, sort out equipment availability, assign a labor force to your project, and more. Get started today.

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Lakehead Constructors Inc. offers you leading industry advice and experience - we have the equipment and talent to take care of your next project.

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