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Lakehead Constructors didn’t rise to the top of our industry overnight. It took years to develop our industry specialists, procedures, equipment and abilities we have now. One value that has remained constant since our start in 1916, however, is adaptability. It takes the power to evolve with changing times and new technologies to stay alive and thrive in construction. Fulfilling the needs of a variety of markets and industries is one of our strong suits. We currently provide a range of services to the following markets:


As industry changed in the century we’ve been in business, we changed with it. We’ve expanded the industries we serve to better fulfill the needs of today’s clientele. In the process, we’ve excelled at what we do, earning various awards and recognition for our persistent dedication to quality. Our team has the commitment, skill, and resources you need in a construction company, regardless of your market. Let us give your project the attention it deserves.