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It is the Company’s goal and expectation that no one will suffer an injury in the execution of our work.

Safety is the first and most important core value at Lakehead Constructors. We’ve implemented a unique Zero Injury Program that involves a shared commitment to safety among all of our employees. We’re dedicated to completing each and every project with the utmost consideration for everyone’s health and well-being. Our company empowers employees to follow the three fundamental guidelines of the Zero Injury philosophy:

  1. Conduct all work in a safe manner.
  2. STOP work immediately to correct any unsafe condition encountered.
  3. Take immediate corrective action so that work may proceed in a safe manner.


We constantly engage in supportive programs and active processes to promote and ensure compliance with our Zero Injury Program. These include: multi-level project audits and inspections, immediate accident/incident investigation, in-depth supervisor training and supervisory development programs, and performance-based safety recognition and award programs as an incentive to staying safe. The following are steps we take to keep safety at the forefront of each project:

  • Commitment of necessary resources
  • Comprehensive substance abuse programs
  • Corporate commitment to a zero-injury culture
  • Employee empowerment and involvement
  • Employee orientation and training programs
  • Multi-level pre-planning processes
  • Subcontractor management


We’ve also created a Labor/Management Safety Committee to help us stay dedicated to safety principles. Our customers never have to doubt the security of a job when it involves our safety-conscious staff. Safety is in the very fabric that makes up Lakehead Constructors, Inc.

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