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Construction Management

Construction Management is one of the things we do best at Lakehead Constructors, Inc. We’ve proven time and time again that we’re more than capable of flawlessly managing even the toughest, most complex projects in the Upper Midwest. We can come up with safe, responsive, and innovative solutions to virtually any problem a client might encounter. We spring into action immediately with exceptional leadership, reliable project management, and a trained body of workers comprised of all union crafts.

Our impressive, highly trained staff members each obey our founder’s original mission: to provide nothing short of the best design and construction in the business. When it comes to Construction Management, we put our skilled staff to work setting up clients with our most experienced subcontractors. Our dedication to client success doesn’t end there, however.

When you use us for Construction Management, you also benefit from a team with the flexibility and preparedness to adjust to changing project demands and alterations. Our emergency response time is second to none. In fact, the superb quality of our Supervisory staff and Construction Management on projects is one of the main reasons customers consistently trust us with their projects and recommend us to others.


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