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U.S. Steel: Keewatin Taconite – Venturi Scrubber

To help the U.S. Steel Keewatin Taconite Plant meet MACT air quality standards Lakehead Constructors, Inc. was hired to construct a scrubber facility to reduce plant emissions. The facility included a structural steel building large enough to house two venturi scrubbers and associated equipment. A second building was built to house a filtering system that cleans the water used in the scrubber process. The project started in the Fall of 2004 and the scrubber was put into service September 2005. The tie-in work took place during a 15 day plant outage. To complete the tie-in, one existing stack had to be demolished and replaced with duct-work to feed one scrubber, and another stack had to be modified to create a duct to feed the second scrubber.
Additional details:
The project took 113,500 hours to complete including the tie-in work.
Lakehead’s contract value was $15.86 million (the Owner purchased the scrubber systems, the water filtration system and hired the electrical subcontractor.)