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Midwest Energy – Rotary Dumper Barrel Replacement

Lakehead Constructors replaced the existing Metso Rotary Dumper Barrel with an improved heavier duty barrel. The new barrel was assembled starting September 2007 was installed during a planned outage in January 2008. The support steel and trunnions were also replaced during the outage. The 17-day outage included: removal of the roof and sidewall of the dumper building, removal of the existing barrel and support steel, installation of the new support steel, trunnions and barrel and reassembly of the dumper building. The work space was very tight with only 40′ between the building and railroad tracks. A Manitowoc 2250 was used for the heavy lifts with the old dumper weighing in at 280,000 pounds. Only 2 inches of clearance was available to get the new barrel into place.

The project was completed on-time, on budget, and with no lost time incidents.