It is the Company's goal and expectation that no one will suffer an injury in the execution of our work

Safety and Zero Injuries is a core value of Lakehead Constructors, and a shared commitment and responsibility of all our employees. We are dedicated to the pursuit of safety excellence.

All employees are empowered to follow the fundamental guidelines of the Zero Injury philosophy:

  • Conduct all work in a safe manner.
  • STOP work immediately to correct any unsafe condition encountered.
  • Take immediate corrective action so that work may proceed in a safe manner.

Supportive programs and active processes in place to promote and ensure performing with Zero Injuries include:

  • Corporate Commitment to a Zero Injury Culture
  • Employee Empowerment and Involvement
  • Supervisory Development Program
  • Multi-level Pre-Planning Processes
  • Commitment of Necessary Resources
  • Comprehensive Substance Abuse Programs
  • Employee Orientation and Training Programs
  • Supervisor Training Program
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Accident/Incident Investigation
  • Multi-level Project Audits/Inspections
  • Labor/Management Safety Committee
  • Performance-based Safety Recognition Award Programs