Pulp & Paper

At Lakehead, we pride ourselves on providing premier contract maintenance, outage, shutdown, and emergency repair services for the pulp and paper industries.

We do that by being experts not only in our craft, but in yours as well. Our experience in the wood products industry allows us to partner with clients like you. In addition, by bringing more than service to the table, we can share ideas and innovations.

Our crews offer specialists in piping, millwrighting, carpentry, mechanicals, ironwork, painting and refractory. They're on-site and at your disposal around the clock. And their pulp and paper services include:

  • General construction services
  • Concrete and steel erection
  • Capital project estimates and budgets
  • Material purchasing
  • Scale installation
  • Material handling systems
  • Debarking installation and repairs
  • Pulp mill maintenance and repairs
  • Paper machine maintenance and repairs
  • Powerhouse maintenance
  • High pressure piping industrial insulation
  • Industrial solution
  • Painting and specialty coatings
  • Millwright services-hydraulic and pneumatic
  • Scaffold services
  • Mobil equipment maintenance